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FitoHerb Medicinal Plant Processing, Trading and Servicing Company Limited is a young enterprise that was founded in 2016, following a preparatory work of several years. Our medicinal-plant processing plant can be found in Gyöngyös, 80 km from Budapest, in Heves county, at the foot of the Mátra mountain. Our company is specialized in the gathering, cultivation, contract-based production, purchase, primary processing, storage and trade of medicinal and aromatic plants as well as of culinary herbs. Wild-growing medicinal plants are gathered in organized form, through a network of gatherers, first of all on the territories of Heves and Nógrád counties that are rich in medicinal plants. The continuously growing production is carried out on the basis of contracts, in collaboration with agricultural entrepreneurs, local governments, minority local governments and social co-operatives. Cultivation is performed in our farm in Gyöngyöshalász and on leased lands, with the aim of producing own plant propagation material, growing seedlings and propagating sensitive, much-sought varieties by seed. Processing is accomplished in our processing plant in Gyöngyös, in drying chambers put newly into operation and on an automatically controlled production line. Thanks to the applied technology, we can make primarily processed products, meeting even high-quality requirements, the destinations of which are the markets of Western Europe in the first place.


Our primary aim is to produce medicinal plant drugs of excellent quality. This undertaking we would like to make complete within the framework of the Hungarian medicinal plant culture that is not only based on traditions, but owns also the power of renewal. Gathering is realized with the help of gathering teams formed by local inhabitants who are familiar with the flora of the given areas, by utilizing and preserving the old knowledge yet not forgotten. Our further important motive is to provide supplementary income for the mainly socially disadvantaged country families in the gathering seasons. In the course of contract-based productions, we count also on entrepreneurs who are just getting acquainted with the production of medicinal plants on the small scale: for them we ensure up-to-date technology as well as high-yielding, reliable varieties and propagation materials. Last but not least, our aim is to perform all the above activities with a view to environment-friendly agriculture and horticulture resulting in sound medicinal plants, and to contribute to what can be hoped for on the basis of all these: a healthier lifestyle and a better quality of life.

Our fields of activity








Cultivated plants

English Latin Herb
Basil Basilici herba herb
Blessed thistle Cardui Benedicti herba herb
Peppermint Menthae piperitae folium leaf
Lemon bal Melissae folium leaf
Sweet fennel Foeniculi dulcis fructus fruit
Wormwood Absinthii herba herb
Hyssop Hyssopi herba herb
Chamomile Matricariae flos flower
Thyme Thymi vulgaris herba herb
Small-flowered willow-herb Epilobii herba herb
Common yarrow Millefolii herba herb
St. John's wort Hyperici herba herb
Common vervain Verbenae officinalis herba herb
Garden savory Saturejae herba herb
Milk thistle Silybi fructus fruit
Horehound Marrubii herba herb
Sweet clover Meliloti officinalis herba herb
Safflor Carthami flos flower
Motherwort Leonuri cardiacae herba herb

Collected plants

English Latin Herb
Black locust tree Robiniae pseudacaciae flos flower
Mouse-ear hawkweed Pilosellae herba herb
Elder Sambuci flos flower
Sambuci fructus fruit
Comfrey Symphyti radix root
Mugwort Artemisiae vulgaris herba herb
Hawthorne Crataegi folium cum flore flower and leaves
Crataegi Fructus fruit
Dog rose Rosae pseudofructus rose hip
Lime Tiliae flos flower
Chamomile Matricariae flos flower
Common centaury Centaurii herba herb
Small-flowered willow-herb Epilobii herba herb
European goldenrod Solidaginis virgaureae herba herb
Common juniper Juniperi pseudofructus berry (cones)
St. John's wort Hyperici herba herb
Common agrimony Agrimoniae herba herb
Dandelion Taraxaci folium leaf
Taraxaci herba cum radice leaf and root
Taraxaci radix root
Wild marjoram Origani vulgaris herba herb
Dock Rumicis fructus fruit
Giant and Canadian goldenrod Solidaginis herba herb
Common yarrow Millefolii herba herb
Cichory Cichorii herba herb
Cichorii radix root
Common horsetail Equiseti herba herb
Stinging nettle Urticae folium leaf
Urticae fructus fruit
Urticae radix root
Sweet clover Meliloti officinalis herba herb
Common marsmallow Althaeae folium leaf
Althaeae radix root
Red poppy Rhoeados flos flower
Cleavers Galii aparinis herba herb
Common aspen Populi tremulae folium leaf
Couch grass Graminis rhizoma rhizome
Lady's bedstraw Galii veris herba herb
Chickweed Stellariae mediae herba herb
Horse chestnut Hippocastani folium leaf
Hippocastani fructus seed

Some of our products in pictures